Monday, November 9, 2009

How to Get a Dutch Driver's License

Living in the Netherlands is not easy, especially when considering the driver's license. The process is long and expensive, but it can be done. Here is an article by Arwa Lokhandwala showing how to do it.

Getting a Driving License in Netherlands For Knowledge Migrants

Getting a car driving license in Netherlands for an expat is considered to be a very difficult and at the same time a very expensive proposition. There is lots to be done, right from attending theory classes, to taking driving lessons, to giving practical tests etc..and yet there is no guarantee that one will surely pass the difficult Dutch license test.

But if one falls under the knowledge migrant category of expats, getting a driving license becomes both easy and inexpensive. It can be done by a simple process called exchanging your old (the driving license from your native country) driving license with a Dutch one. I know you all are waiting for me to spill out the beans here it goes:-

1. The first and the foremost thing is to have one's 30% tax ruling document in place. This can be collected from one's office HR department.

2. Go to Gemeente (town hall) with this document and residence permit. There one needs to purchase a form called "Eigen Verklaring" which is a health form. It costs around 20 euros. One has to fill up this form (it asks some basic health questions) and then post it by simple mail to CBR. The address is mentioned on the envelope. In case one answers "yes" to any of the health questions, he/she needs a doctor's certificate for it.

3. Within 3 weeks one will then receive a confirmation from CBR that he/she is qualified to drive in Netherlands and does not have any health issues.

4. On receiving this letter, again go to the Gemeente. This time take along all the docs i.e identity proof, 30% tax document, CBR letter, old driving license, 2 passport photos and 50 euros as the fees. In case one wants this old driving license back again, this needs to be explicitly mentioned in writing to the Gemeente. This letter should be addressed to the RDW.

Note : Remember to keep a copy of the old licence until the processing is complete.

5. If all goes positive, one will get a letter from the RDW within 3 weeks stating that the driving license application has been approved and that the license can be collected from the Gemeente. It will also state from where you can get the old driving license back.

6. Collect your Dutch driving license from the Gemeente.

Note : They are very specific about the passport photos. The face must be in the center, and with a mid grey background. Dimensions: length (crown to chin) 26-30mm, Width 16-20mm. Must not exceed these dimensions.

All in all, its not such a tough process. It takes a little while long but then its much better than taking tests to get the dutch license.

Arwa Lokhandwala


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