Friday, April 4, 2008

The Back Up Test

Today I want to talk about backing up. It's a mission that many drivers have trouble with, so here are some common mistakes done when backing up. Use wisely:

A Back Up Plan for the Road Test

Cars can move in two directions - forward and back. Forward driving is easy for most drivers, but backward driving is giving much trouble to many beginner drivers. Since it comes up on any driving test, it is a cause of many test failures and disappointments. It has been found that some backing up problems repeat more often than others on road tests.

The biggest mistake of backing up is steering. Some driving students just don't know how to steer their car when they back up. They try to move it left and right, but at the end they have no clue where they should turn the wheel. This shows lack of steering ability and lack of practice. This can be marked as a minor error, but it is taken seriously.

Another mistake of backing up is not looking back when doing it. Some drivers think that anything behind them will just move away, so they don't need to look. If a back up is done this way, even if nothing was hit, the failure in the test is almost guaranteed and well deserved.

Unlucky drivers who back up without looking back might hit something, or worse, someone. When that happens, the test is immediately stopped. If the examinee hit a car, he or she is required to leave details to pay for the damages later. If a person is hit, even slightly, it's not only illegal, but also feels very awkward and bad.

Improper mirror usage is also common in back ups. Some driving students look to the back when they back up, but look only through the rear window. They don't use the side mirrors, and sometimes miss something that will be hit from the side of the car. Like not looking at all, this is a critical error.

Backing up requires practice with a good guide. A regular, plain practice may be wrong and instill wrong back up habits that may be illegal and cause driving students to fail their test.

You can find a good guide that also deals with backing up at the Pass Your Road Test area of This website also provides a free course about driving test mistakes and tips.

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