Sunday, January 4, 2009

The California DMV Behind the Wheel Test

The driving test is a nerve wracking experience, but at the end you can have your very own driver's license. Here is a video of the California DMV that will show you what you will be tested on.

To prepare for all these, you can use my driving test guide.




Harry said...

That video is very helpful. I also visited the DMV California for some tips and guidelines.

Chuck of CCS said...

It's always best to show things on video. Clear enough for people to see. It is not that easy when it comes to preparing preparing for california dmv skills test

Saverio B. said...

Also on they have an example of the checklist and of the behind-the-wheel scoresheet.

Anonymous said...

You guys can also go permit test site and get 10 free permit practice tests. I tried.

Anonymous said...

in reality, you wouldn't pass if you didn't look over your sholder when changing lanes. i failed for not looking over my shoulder when changing into a center left turn lane, so they're strict about it.